A Visit from Christmas Past

I love the holidays. I love the community events, get together’s with family and friends, sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa as the snow gently falls outside and baking Christmas cookies while watching holiday movies.

But one of my favorite activities is trimming the Christmas tree with my family.
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Our Tree Trimming always starts with finding the perfect tree. And yes it has to be a real tree. I know there are many beautiful fake trees now, but for us, cutting down our Christmas tree is the first step in making our Christmas special.

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Walking through the woods with my family searching high and low until we all agree that we have found the ONE!

When you look at my tree, you may say, “Well that’s a scrawny tree.”, or “All you use is an old metal bucket to sit the tree in.”, and in reality it’s true. But see, to my family, it isn’t how tall the tree is, it’s not how full the tree is, it isn’t even about how straight the tree is, all that matters when searching for the perfect tree is finding the one that best applies to our life.

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My family loves 1900 farmhouse and primitive décor. We have a saying around our house, “The more its falling apart, the better we like it.” Our tree symbolizes our love for things of the past, a life of simplicity and slower pace. On our tree, you will not find shiny, sparkly or new, but instead you will find, simple, charming and rustic. From the 1900 replica candle lights, to the fresh strung cranberries, homemade ornaments of fabric and burlap, tin Christmas trees and grapevine reindeer’s hanging on the branches, you will feel the “days gone by” from just looking at the tree.

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I for one enjoy remembering the reason of the season. Not the overcrowded shopping malls, or the huge lines waiting for the “big” sale, but the reason why we celebrate Christmas, The Birth of Christ. Instead of rushing and shopping and spending, I prefer to use this time to reflect on the many blessings in my life over the past year, taking my family to watch Tree Lighting Ceremonies and Christmas Parades, Ice Skating in Town Squares, spending the day making Homemade Christmas Gifts and Goodies and finishing up the wrapping in simple brown paper with bows made of yarn.

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So as our tree represents a life of simplicity, love and peace for my family, I encourage you, as you celebrate the Christmas Season, to reflect on what your tree means to you and your loved ones.

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