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Hi Y’all!  Thank you for your interest in advertising with GraceandGravy.

I am a PR friendly blog and I love to team up with blogs and businesses of all sizes to expand exposure and grow your brand.


How can we work together?

Companies and Businesses:

Product Reviews
Examples of this might include:

Recipe featuring the use of your ingredient/or product
Review of my experience with your product/ or service
Giveaway of the product (should you choose to provide one)
Social Media Blast: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest ( Shout Outs and Photo Campaigns Both Available)

*Please note that all sponsored content on GraceandGravy is compensated, either monetarily or with product of equal value.

*Items must be family-friendly and a good fit for my readers.

Other Ways to Work With Me:

Sidebar Advertising
Brand Sponsorship
Brand Sponsored Travel
Conference Sponsorship
Sponsored Posts
Recipe Development


Contact me at for more details!

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