About Me

Hi Y’all!  I’m Miranda and my Blog “GraceandGravy”, is One Crunchy, Country Mama’s look on a Homemade Life of Homeschool, Good Eats, (Mis) Adventures, and Living Grace-Filled Everyday!

I’m an owner of a non-profit Cupcake Company called “Crazy About Cupcakes”, that supports my love for Guatemala Missions. I’m a quirky, old soul always looking for  Thrifty Finds, Anything Primitive, Retro and Vintage.  My love consists crafternoons, reading, family and road trips.

I’ve been married to my husby for 15 years.  I have 3 wonderful children and I am a Mimi to 3 special little souls!

On my Blog  I will share my Love for  Baking, New Recipes (including cooking from scratch), DIY Tutorials, All Things Crafty,  Wonderful Party Ideas, Homeschool Insights and How to Live a Crunchy Life.

Hope you enjoy and Thanks for stopping by!


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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. nice to meet another crunchy mama! I am newly crunchy (as in not raised this way and NOT perfectly crunchy crisp..so still soggy? I don’t know… whatever!)

    I love “crafternoons!” so clever! I have six kiddos and my oldest daughters LOVE to craft!

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Miranda, nice to meet you! Stopping by via Thee Angel Project 30 link up. So glad I’ve stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to following your journey! Love your “quirky-ness” :-)

    • Thank you for stopping by! I learned a long time ago that there wasn’t such a thing as “normal”, so I will embrace my quirky-ness and my creator who made me the way I am!

  3. Hi Miranda! You have a nice blog. I see we have some things in common: we have started blogging about same time. ( I started in April too), I also have been linking up with your link party wake up Wednesday and I absolutely love these drawings of the blue mason jars with the pink carnation flowers, that was exactly my wedding table centerpiece! Lol I have a post in my blog where I painted my jars blue and added some lace fabric. God bless you! Priscila. Unfading beauty blog.

  4. Hey there Miranda! That is so awesome that you are owner of a company that supports missions… and makes cupcakes. Missions and cupcakes are two very amazing things. :)
    (Stopping over from Thee Angel Project)

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