Homemade Christmas Wreaths

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I love Christmas.  I love celebrating the Reason of the Christmas Season, The Birth of Christ. So when I do my Christmas decorating, I like to keep the simplicity of the season.  Which fits perfectly with my early farmhouse/primitive decor.

One of my favorite pieces to make for Christmas is wreaths using real cedar and pine.  I find that using raw and natural materials make the prettiest and cheapest decor.

These wreaths are so simple to make! I start with a plain grapevine wreath, which I use again every year and some additional holidays, pine and cedar that I have cut fresh, along with burlap, pinecones that I find in the woods, ribbon and a few items I have on hand.


For my first wreath, I used pine. Really look for the pine that has pinecones attached.  Makes the wreaths more festive. First I gather up a bunch that lays well together.  I don’t like to be stingy on the greenery but I also don’t want the wreath to be too much.  Simple is better for me.

I use a rubber band to hold the greenery together and then use green floral wire to attach around the grapevine.  After that I used burlap to make a bow, I always have burlap around to decorate with, remember simple is the key.  I used a strip of burlap and ran it through the  loop on the back of the bow and tied around the grapevine where I attached the green floral wire.  I hang this wreath on the wall of my porch in the middle of an old screen door frame.  Perfect and rustic!

So very simple.  Literally a 10 minute project.


For the next wreath, I started out the same but I used cedar.  I love to find the cedar that has the blue berries attached.  Makes it more festive and colorful.


I like how the cedar hangs down more on the wreath.  Again I used a burlap ribbon but this time I found a pair of jingle bells at a Thrift Store for .50c and attached to the greenery with the same floral wire.  I thought it made a perfect addition to the wreath.  A little something extra but keeping the simplicity of the project.


This wreath, I decided to hang on my front door.  I LOVE how this turned out!

For the last wreath, I went with cedar again, but this time I trimmed it shorter and used pieces without the blue berries.  I attached a plaid ribbon of white, green and red I made out of a roll I used on my tree a few years back.


Again it is attached the same way as the others.  I also decided to go with the green and red and used this small metal “Happy Holidays” sign that, again, I found at a local Thrift Shop for .50c.  I attached with the green floral wire.

I placed this wreath on a wooden chair in the front of my house where I have a Country Christmas Table set up.  I think it looks perfect.

Another great thing to add, would be red Holly Berries.  Last year I was able to collect a lot, but this year I haven’t had the time to take the drive to find them.


I also enjoying hanging the wreaths inside for a fresh Christmasy smell.

Again very simple, inexpensive and can be a very last minute decor project.

I hope you have a Very Blessed but Simplicity Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Beautiful, Miranda! So, I guess your front porch looks a bit different than it did when I was by there recently huh? LOL I appreciate your testimony to JESUS with your Christmas celebrations! Love you, girl!

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