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I know, I know, warm Spring weather is here and the last thing we want to think about is warm soup to eat.  But in reality here in the South, even in the hot and humid, Spring/Summer months, we still crave hearty, starchy dishes.

If I’m going to have a cook a Southern Meal in the heat, I prefer it be a one pot, or crock pot, meal.  Turning on the oven just isn’t an option!!

My Perfect Potato Soup is one of those meals that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.  You know the kind, as soon as the spoon enters your mouth it feels like home.

This potato soup is one of my family favorites!  The oh-so-creamy, cheesy, bacony, comforting, cozy soup that I can eat all day long kinda soups.  And it is as flavorful as a loaded baked potato.

With this dish, there is no need to skip the southern hearty meals just because warm weather is here.  It is super easy, super fast and super cheap to make!

Click right over to MamaGoesFrugal for my recipe!



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