Introducing Lil Beanies by Gerber


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Snack time has always been huge is our home. My children grew up having a mid-morning snack, an after nap snack and a bedtime snack. It was difficult trying to always find healthy alternatives for the kids to eat in place of cookies and chips. We could get by with at least one fruit and veggie snack a day, but soon they were yelling for other things.

I never wanted to take snack time away, but I wasn’t doing my children any good by giving them high doses of sugar junk food either. What would happen is that they would fill up on junk and not want to eat their dinner. I was always looking for ways to incorporate new foods in.

Now my children are no longer little, and don’t need me telling them what to end for snacks anymore, but now I have grandchildren that I still want to make sure are receiving enough vitamins and nutrients from their daily food. That is why when I heard about Lil Beanies by Gerber, I knew I needed to let the grandkids try them. I know as an adult I love crispy veggie snacks that make me think I am eating chips or other junk, but in reality, it is a healthy snack alternative. And I assumed it is no different for children. There is just something about having a crunchy snack that makes you feel better.


Lil Beanies is an incredible baked snack that can be found at your local Wal-Mart Store. I was so surprised at the low price of under $2 a canister for such a nutritious snack as Lil Beanies. Being made with navy beans and rice flour, your toddler will be getting an excellent source of protein and fiber per serving. So you know longer have to worry about an empty snack filler, because of the nutritional value Lil Beanies supply.

Do you worry that your little one isn’t getting enough protein? With just one serving of Lil Beanies, your little one will be consuming two grams! That is amazing, and what is better is that they just think they are a crispy snack. And fiber was always an issue with our children. With just one serving of Lil Beanies, your kids will be getting one gram of fiber. Perfect for their diet.

Lil Beanies is perfect for ages 18 months to 48 months, and because they are larger, they are easy for little hands to grab and handle without them dropping all over the floor. But what I love the most is that they are not messy at all! No sticky fingers after eating Lil Beanies! And all ages can enjoy them as snacks. Add them to your grade school age child’s lunch for extra nutrients, or as adults, we can replace cheese flavored crackers with Lil Beanies for a much healthier snack.

Lil Beanies can go anywhere you go. They are perfect for movie time treats, playdates at the park, road trips and vacations and even preschool and Sunday school classrooms. And with two amazing and tasty flavors, Original (Sea Salt) and White Cheddar and Broccoli, you can switch it up for two entirely different tastes.

So make sure to stop by your local Wal-Mart and pick up a canister of Lil Beanies for your little one to enjoy! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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