Cut & Color Cross Craft and Easter Story


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Looking for a Fun and Spiritual Craft for your elementary aged child for Easter?

Then I have the perfect solution!

Easter Cut & Color Cross Craft will keep your child busy with fun, while it opens the door for a perfect conversion and discussion about The Resurrection of Jesus!

Even though this craft is geared more toward 6-9 year olds, with a little help it can become a great craft for preschoolers.

cross craft

What you will need to have on hand:

  • Crayons or Markers
  • Scissors
  • Paper (3)

What you will need to do to complete this Easter Craft:

  • Fold Paper according to the step by steps pictures
  • Parents tell The Resurrection of Jesus Story (optional)
  • Cut final paper vertical, keeping the piece you are holding
  • Unfold the piece you are holding
  • Color your cross
  • Hang up to enjoy (1)

The Resurrection of Jesus Story (Children’s Version)

The Bible tells us that on Thursday after Passover, Jesus was arrested and sentenced to die on a cross.  Good Friday, is the day we remember Jesus’ death on the cross.

Jesus was laid to rest in the tomb.  Fearing that the disciples might try to steal Jesus’ body, the high priest asked for  the tomb to be sealed and guards outside.

On Sunday morning (Easter), three women went to the tomb to finish anointing Jesus’ body for burial. But when they reached the tomb, they made a shocking discovery.

They could not imagine how the tomb had been opened – or what had happened to Jesus!

In the other gospels we read that an angel appeared to the women and told them Jesus was risen. But even with that message, they did not understand what was going on. They wanted to see Jesus – and they would see him soon enough.

Jesus was alive! The Son of God had risen from the dead just as he said he would.

Jesus would later appear to his disciples and thousands more. He told them to go and tell the world that he was alive and that anyone who believed in him could have… a new life. 


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